The Audiobook for The Switch Up

With day and night personalities, what else could you expect to experience when you encounter the Humphries twins Seleste and Simone? Chaos! That’s right, nothing but chaos! One loves to live in the moment while the other loves to plan for the future. What would happen if the roles were reversed? Circumstances place the sisters in a situation that makes one question if she made the wrong choice.

Then there is the businessman Mr. Erik Rivers, lost in his desires for success may cause him to risk losing the love he desires. Hoping to rekindle the sparks, an unforgettable trip is taken. Will he realize the switch made, or get caught up in the web of deceit? Who is able to capture the love of his heart? What if he made the wrong the decision? Is it too late to turn back the hands of time?

The Switch Up is full of thought-provoking experiences and unforeseen outcomes. Is it really that bad to play the guessing game and switch things up? You be the judge…

switch upacx


Professionalism or lack thereof.

To this day, some of the individuals that I have encountered still don’t know the meaning of being professional. Just because you have a so called “business” doesn’t mean you’re professional. It is the way you carry yourself and your brand. Don’t just hop onto people’s pages posting links. Or inboxing your links without a simple hello or introduction. Don’t think that because you offer a free service to people that you don’t have to remain professional. Too many times for me to count that I’ve dealt with unprofessional individuals. Ok if you slip up once then I try to understand that life happens or no one taught you. But if you become a repeat offender then I have to remove you from my list of professional people I utilize. It’s not personal. This is business.